Our Mission

At Defined Financial Planning, our clients are at a point in their lives when they need help adjusting their sails to find their true course. Whether planning for retirement or navigating one of life’s many financial transitions, they come to us because they’re unsure about the best strategy to reach their financial goals.

It’s our mission to help them dig deeper to clarify and prioritize their goals. We help our clients build a customized financial solution that helps them achieve optimal results.

We cut through the noise to help our clients focus on a strategy that addresses their unique needs. We meet them where they are now in order to turn their financial unknowns into the best possible voyage toward future financial success. 

What Makes Defined Financial Planning Different

Your life is unique - shouldn’t your financial plan be as well?

Custom Solutions

At Defined Financial Planning, we don’t build one-size-fits-all solutions. Not all plans are alike, and we create strategies based on what our clients need.

Each client we work with receives a 100% custom financial plan based on a tried and true planning process. We want our clients to achieve the goals and lifestyle that actually matters to them. We believe that the value our services bring to the table is measured against our ability to create detailed and custom solutions based on those goals, and implementing a strategy that achieves results.

Relationship Focused

At Defined Financial Planning, we believe in treating our clients like family. We believe in building lifelong relationships. Their success is our success - and we walk with them through the many changes that life brings.




You define the goal. We define the plan. 


We’re not going to drown you in financial jargon and complex spreadsheets that are tough to understand. Our team believes in transparent communication. That means we’re always going to be honest with you about your financial strategy, and about our working relationship. You’ll never question what’s going on with your plan, how we are compensated, or what goals we’re working toward together.



We believe that it’s our duty to help you explore every possible outcome in your financial plan - to leave no stone unturned when building your strategy. We’re comprehensive where it counts, and tailor your client experience to your unique needs. 

When you partner with Defined Financial Planning, you can rest assured that we bring thoughtful and detailed solutions to the table that help you gain a deeper understanding of your finances and address every element of your financial future.