Natasha Williamson

Client Relationship Manager

Relationship Manager and Administrative Assistant Natasha is the newest addition to the DFP team. As a former elementary school teacher of eleven years Natasha is an expert in the world of relationships and communications. Natasha received a sign language interpreter's credential at Rochester Institute of Technology in NY, and transitioned to teaching after working as an interpreter in elementary schools for four years. She received her teaching credential from Cal Poly Humboldt and her Masters degree in Teaching and Learning, with a specialization in mathematics, from Santa Clara University. The Jesuit tradition at Santa Clara included a heavy emphasis on ethics, which Natasha has carried with her into both the professional and personal arena. 

Retiring from the teaching profession during the pandemic to care for her two children, Maxwell, 11 and Vivienne, 8, she has been delighted to discover a renewed sense of purpose with the Defined FP team. It has been a delight to get to know the clients, team members, and all the new clerical duties the job requires. 
In her free time Natasha loves to organize kids' parties, socialize, and, lately, read anything related to finance!