No part of a sailboat has a greater impact on its speed than the mainsail. This level of service offers comprehensive financial planning that accelerates you toward your goals. This service level requires minimum investable assets of $500,000 and quarterly review meetings.

  • Cash Flow Analysis — Understanding your cash flow is the first step to creating a sound financial plan. We help you organize and categorize your income and expenses. 

  • Net Worth Review — We review and categorize all of your assets and liabilities. If asset-to-liability ratios are a concern, we develop a debt management plan.

  • Tax Planning — Investment, insurance and estate planning will directly affect your present and future taxes. We coordinate with your tax professional to make sure that your whole financial picture is visible, which can help lower your overall tax burden.

  • Estate Planning — Depending on your legacy goals, trust selection can play an extremely important role in how your estate is passed down to the next generation or to the causes you care most about. We coordinate with your lawyer to make sure your estate is protected and directed in the manner you would like while minimizing transfer, gift, inheritance and estate tax.

  • Insurance Planning — The appropriate Life, Health, Property and Casualty insurance can play a vital role in a successful financial planning outcome. We review your current insurance coverage compared to the insurance necessary to achieve your financial objectives.

  • Business Planning — The first step to understanding how your privately held business fits into your financial plan is to understand its value. We perform a valuation method based on adjusted cash flows, rules of thumb and market comparables to accurately represent the value today, as well as the projected value in the future. 

  • Personalized Investment Strategies — As your investable assets increase, so should the customization of your investments. We provide customized investment solutions to confirm that your objectives are met with the highest probability of success. We can address your specific needs and goals, such as socially responsible, environmental, and governance standards.

  • Social Security Optimization — Optimizing your Social Security benefits to your specific situation can increase the success of your retirement plan. Social Security benefits are based on many factors, such as taxes, delayed credits and which benefit record you should choose. We help you understand which of these factors apply to you and the most effective option for you.

  • Core Investment Management — All clients in the Foundational Financial Planning service tier also receive benefits associated with our Core Investment Management services.

Core Investment Management

Like the ballast that keeps a ship steady in calm and stormy seas, core investment management is the foundation of growing and preserving wealth over time.

Advanced Financial Planning

When moving against the wind, a sailboat’s captain will adjust the Jib to gain speed and stay the course. This service is our most robust offering and helps families both grow and preserve their wealth while navigating their daily financial decisions.

Special Circumstances and Life Stages Planning

In specific conditions, the captain will deploy the spinnaker to take advantage of a specific wind condition. Our life stage service is focused on helping you to leverage your wealth to address more specific and unique pain points.