Like the ballast that keeps a ship steady in calm and stormy seas, core investment management is the foundation of growing and preserving wealth over time. This service level requires minimum investable assets of $250,000 and semi-annual review meetings.

  • Goals and Objectives Review — The strategy associated with each investable asset needs to be defined by an end goal. We want to figure out what you want your money to do for you and the time horizon available to reach that goal. During our initial meeting, we spend time understanding each one of your goals and objectives so that we can prepare our recommendations at our next meeting.

  • Risk Analysis — We separate risk into three categories. The risk you are currently taking on in your portfolio, the required risk needed to achieve your objectives and the level of risk you are comfortable with now. Our goal is to make you aware of the range and to find your risk-range based on your answers in those three categories.
  • Asset Allocation and Rebalancing — The assets inside your investment portfolio are grouped and classified by different characteristics. As part of our ongoing meeting process, we identify your optimal asset allocation, and we actively manage those allocations over time.
  • Tax Reporting — Tax document consolidation can be complicated and time-consuming. We consolidate your tax forms and send them directly to your tax professional.
  • Performance Reporting — Each aspect of our Core Investment Management service needs accountability. Our quarterly reports will keep you up-to-date on your investment progress and help gauge whether you are on track toward achieving your goals and objectives.
  • Educational Events — We believe in providing our clients with information so that they can keep increasing their knowledge of personal finance. We host a series of webinars and in-person educational events to give our clients a high-level overview, so they stay informed on the latest financial planning information.
  • Additional Services — Depending on your unique situation, you may need special circumstances financial planning assistance. For an additional fee, we help our Core Investment Management clients with these circumstances.

Foundational Financial Planning

No part of a sailboat has a greater impact on its speed than the mainsail. This level of service offers comprehensive financial planning that accelerates you toward your goals.

Advanced Financial Planning

When moving against the wind, a sailboat’s captain will adjust the Jib to gain speed and stay the course. This service is our most robust offering and helps families both grow and preserve their wealth while navigating their daily financial decisions.

Special Circumstances and Life Stages Planning

In specific conditions, the captain will deploy the spinnaker to take advantage of a specific wind condition. Our life stage service is focused on helping you to leverage your wealth to address more specific and unique pain points.