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Clients of both firms will experience enhanced services

SAN FRANCISCO, July 27, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Defined Financial Planning of Alameda, CA acquires Annadel Capital of San Rafael. Clients of both financial advisory firms will benefit from the two independent firms joining their knowledge and expertise. Defined Financial Planning's clients will have access to CPA services, while Annadel Capital clients will be able to integrate Defined Financial Planning's well-regarded holistic financial planning system into their retirement plans.

Defined Financial Planning principal Sam Gaeta built his business on a foundation of transparency and holistic financial planning. Through this acquisition, Defined Financial Planning is excited to offer clients unique investing strategies and more than 90 years of combined experience in the financial services industry. Annadel Capital owners Jed Cooper and Gregg Smith, CPA, can provide unique investing strategies to Defined Financial Planning's existing clients.

"Jed and Gregg are a great fit for our clients," Gaeta says. "Not only have they experienced a wide variety of market cycles, but also their values, such as honesty and integrity, align perfectly with ours."

Annadel Capital clients will benefit from holistic financial planning services and an established, energetic firm at the forefront of the financial planning industry. As Smith and Cooper prepare for their future retirement, they believe their clients will see a continuation of the integrity and comprehensive financial advising they've come to expect.

"Defined Financial Planning and Annadel Capital are very much aligned, and we have a great deal of trust in Sam. Not only does he have high ethical standards, but his organizational model is nimble in a way our clients will greatly appreciate," Smith says.

The merged firms will retain Defined Financial Planning's name and organizational structure. Annadel Capital's Smith and Cooper will stay on after the acquisition to ensure a smooth transition for every client.