01. About Us

We cut through the noise to help our clients focus on a strategy that addresses their unique needs. We meet them where they are now in order to turn their financial unknowns into the best possible voyage toward future financial success.

02. Our Philosophy

The word “defined” reflects our ability to turn a future financial goal into a charted course. With every relationship we build, and financial plan we create, our goal is to align every aspect of your financial picture to help move you toward your destination.

03. Our Process

Our 7-part financial planning process identifies what’s important to you, and recommends the most appropriate course of action based on your values. We help you implement your unique strategy, and check-in regularly to confirm that you’re on track to reach your goals.

You define the goal. We define the plan. 

Our Services

When building financial plans, our team is inspired by the construction of sailboats. Each piece and individual have a role — and they must be put together in a specific way to function seamlessly together when complete. With the right balance and timing, a ship can capture the wind in any weather. We use a four-tier service approach to help build your financial plan with the same care as a newly constructed vessel.

Core Investment Management

Like the ballast that keeps a ship steady in calm and stormy seas, core investment management is the foundation of growing and preserving wealth over time.

Foundational Financial Planning

No part of a sailboat has a greater impact on its speed than the mainsail. This level of service offers comprehensive financial planning that accelerates you toward your goals.

Advanced Financial Planning

When moving against the wind, a sailboat’s captain will adjust the Jib to gain speed and stay the course. This service is our most robust offering and helps families both grow and preserve their wealth while navigating their daily financial decisions.

Special Circumstances and Life Stages Planning

In specific conditions, the captain will deploy the spinnaker to take advantage of a specific wind condition. Our life stage service is focused on helping you to leverage your wealth to address more specific and unique pain points.

Our Team

Founder, Director of Financial Planning
Partner, Director of Operations
Director of Investments
Director of Tax Planning
Client Relationship Manager

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